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Virtual CFO

External CFOs bring a wealth of expertise and specialized knowledge that can be crucial for startups, non-profits and listed companies.

Their experience with financial regulations, tax laws, and industry standards, can help ensure that finances are managed accurately and efficiently.

Auditing and Assurance

Our award-winning team offers a comprehensive range of auditing and assurance services designed to provide you with clear insights into your operations.

Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Tax

Managing your financial responsibilities can be complex and time-consuming. Our award-winning team of certified professionals is dedicated to delivering expert solutions tailored to your unique needs.


We combine industry-leading expertise with a personal touch. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, our customized approach ensures that you receive strategic advice and practical solutions that are specifically designed to meet your unique needs and goals.

NZX Related

Embark on your NZX journey with confidence.
Contact us today to learn how our specialized services can help your business achieve its financial and strategic objectives.

Note – We do not provide legal advice


We specialize in providing comprehensive valuation services that empower your business decisions.

Whether you’re contemplating a sale, undergoing a merger, or planning for future growth, understanding the true value of your business is crucial.

Risk and Compliance

Navigate the complexities of risk management and compliance with confidence.

At Aurora Financials, we provide tailored solutions for startups, non-profits, and businesses to ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risks.

Note – We do not provide legal advice

Jonathan Maharaj

Founder and CEO

20% of businesses fail in year 1 and only 25% survive 15 years (BLS data). Don’t be a statistic – elevate your business today!

Financial clarity is the cornerstone to better decision making. Let us crunch the numbers for you.

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Jonathan Maharaj
CPA and Financial Consultant

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