Our corporate responsibility

We build trust and solve important problems for our clients and community

At our core, we’re about fostering trust and solving the key challenges our clients face.

It’s the driving force behind everything we do and the cornerstone of our client relationships.

Our Corporate Responsibility initiatives are one way we leverage our talents to create meaningful impact.

Our award-winning accounting and business consulting firm makes a difference in communities through meaningful partnerships and initiatives.

We’re passionate about investing time and resources into uplifting communities.

For years, we’ve been the provider of choice for nonprofits and small businesses, offering pro bono expertise to drive positive change.

Pro bono work empowers our people to make a meaningful  community impact.

Supporting others with our expertise is incredibly rewarding for our team.

As part of our sustainability efforts, we’ve set some clear targets to reduce our environmental impact.

Our commitment:

To build awareness and drive efficiencies to manage and promote positive environmental outcomes.

  • Digital Processes: 100% paperless operations and digital communication
  • Employee Engagement: Staff support sustainability efforts
  • 100% Remote Working: Staff can work from anywhere globally, which reduces carbon emissions from commuting.
  • Flexible Hours: Staff work the hours that fit with their lifestyle and family commitments.
  • Efficient use of resources: Reduces the carbon impact in our business.

We want our team to be themselves, be bold, and share their unique differences.

Put simply, our staff can be themselves at work.

Our team creates the most value when they find meaning and purpose in their work, and see how their aspirations can be brought to life through what they do with us.

Having the right people on our team helps us to deliver great services to clients.

We value diversity of thought and innovation. This enables us to help our clients make better financial and business decisions.

We’re part of a select group of organisations providing employees with the highest standard in professional development and support.

The CPA Australia Recognised Employer Partner mark differentiates our organisation as a leading ‘employer of choice’.

Working for a REP partner gives employees the best environment to learn and develop their knowledge and skillset.

This helps us to attract and recruit future accounting and finance professionals.

We’re empowering our team, clients, and community to thrive with the digital expertise needed to navigate today’s complex business landscape.

Fresh insights to help you grow, innovate and plan for your future

Awards and Recognition

Inaugural Winner Murray Wyatt Award 2022

CPA Australia Recognised Employer Partner (2023, 2024)

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand logo

New Zealand Charities Services Tier 3 Reporting Award Winner 2017

Xero Silver Champion Partner

Xero Cashflow, Payroll, Professional Services and Migration Specialist

Careers with Us

Why Us?

When you start a career with us, you’re joining a team that is empowered to innovate and create value for our clients.

Your unique background, perspective, and ideas will be appreciated.

Be part of a firm with strong values and commitment to make a real difference.

When it comes to ethics and integrity, we aim for the highest standard. Our conduct and accountability have earned the trust of our clients and community.

Our Hiring Process

Our recruitment process is streamlined and efficient.

The process involves:

  • Job advertisement
  • Shortlist
  • Virtual coffee catchup
  • Formal interview
  • Reference checks
  • Job offer
  • Commence work