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The outcome made her cry
A single mother wanted to provide a better future for her family. She had a business idea but was unsure of what to do, so she came to us for guidance. We listened to her and we sought to find a way to help her.

We put together a plan and provided her with guidance. This gave her the courage that she needed to implement her idea. With our support and guidance, her business grew rapidly.

She didn't realise how well she had done, until we told her that in just 11 months, her business had grown from 0 to 13,770 clients, with no debt, no marketing expenses, a 70% net profit, and a strong cash flow.

When she realised the outcome, she was moved to tears. In that moment, she knew that her family would have a better future.

We started Aurora Financials because we wanted to make a difference in our community.

As qualified accountants and business consultants, we enjoy helping others on their journey to prosperity and a better wellbeing. We hope you can join us too.

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